It’s all about your ‘tude

A wise person once told me, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Though cheesier than Velveeta itself, this statement holds a lot of validity. Just like everyone else, I have had ups and downs in my life. If it weren’t for God giving me a holy butt-kicking every once in a while, I’d probably have a lot worse of an attitude. But I realize that joy is a choice. And it’s something that I have to wake and each morning and embrace.

Let’s be honest, fellow cube-dwellers: Staring at three walls of cubicles for eight hours a day is not enjoyable. I would much rather be editing or writing while sitting in a hammock at the beach. (which I will be someday soon, if I get my way!). But for now, I am here, at an oil and gas publishing company of all places, trying to make the most of each day.

The fish I am tempting with a kiss in this picture reminds me to choose the right attitude each day.


I received him after taking a class at my previous job called FISH! The class was all about having fun at work — influencing others to enjoy their jobs as they see your enthusiasm. The book is based on the work attitude of the workers at the fish market at Pike’s Place in Seattle. Imagine if your job was to pack a stinky fish in paper and give it to customers. What would you do to spice up your work? Well, these guys do everything from throwing the fish at customers, to singing songs, to making fun of the guys in suits who pass by them eating yogurt for lunch every day.

So whatever your occupation may be — from student for life to maintenance man to professional oboist — enjoy life. It’s too short to waste on staring at the cubicle walls.


One response to “It’s all about your ‘tude

  1. Velveeta isn’t cheese, but I see your point. Glad to read your words!

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