I’m loaded … really!

It’s easy to complain about not having enough money. Last night, a friend and I were talking about how “poor” we are. Then it struck me — we’re richer than 95% of the world!

We don’t realize how great life is in America on a daily basis. Most of us have cars, while 92% of the people in the world do not own their own vehicle. We have amenities that people in other countries don’t even dream about having. For example, I own both contact lenses and glasses. The picture in my blog header shows a Filipina girl playing with my glasses a couple years ago. Sadly, if that little girl ever did have vision problems, her family would probably not be able to pay for glasses or contacts, much less consider something like the American commonality of laser eye surgery.

There are 3.25 billion people paid below $2 a day. I made more than that by the time I was 10 by mowing lawns. In 2006, the median annual household income according to the US Census Bureau was determined to be $48,201.00.Someone who makes that much in a developing country is considered a billionaire, while here in America, that’s your average family of 4.

So next time you think about complaining that you’re a college student surviving on Ramen or that you’re a young professional just trying to pay for rent, take a minute to thank God for things like your shelter, your car, the fact that you at least have Ramen and clean water. You’re Donald Trump-filthy-rich in the eyes of most of the world!


One response to “I’m loaded … really!

  1. I can’t say how wonderful I think you are! You’re like a little wad of perspective!

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