I smell like airport

This week and next week have been and shall be spent in airports. I smell like Vera Wang Princess perfume lathered on top of someone who is desperately attempting to NOT smell like the Chinese food in an airport. And I mean no offense to the Chinese people when I say that, Vera. I enjoy both your designs, your perfume, and the food from the people in your culture.

I got back from San Diego at 2 yesterday, and now I shall board a plane headed to Denver at 3:30 today. Then I arrive home from Denver on Monday at 11 p.m., and I board another plane to L.A. to visit my buddy Kelso on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

One thing that’s interested me while flying recently is how the travel industry is always in flux. A few months ago, if you accidentally carried a tube of lip gloss in your purse through airport security, a mean TSA guy would confiscate the tube, probably to later give it to his girlfriend with the butterfly tramp stamp. Now, the same man no longer works at the airport (he’s moved on to a job at FedEX, and the girl with the tramp stamp is now his ex), but the whole “no liquids” thing doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Plastic baggie? Who cares! We don’t think you’re really going to make a bomb out of lip gloss, Vitamin Water and mascara. We just wanted to annoy you with our overcautious procedures for a few months.


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