The “Easter mood”

I’m in the “land of plastic” — L.A. — visiting my buddy Kelsey. Yesterday we were walking along the Promenade in Santa Monica and decided to stop in Border’s. At the front of the store, there were a few shelves of “Jesus” movies, like “The Passion of The Christ.” Hanging next to them was a sign that said, “Movies to get you in the Easter mood.”

I almost started cracking up simply at the diction of the sign. “The Easter mood.” Honestly, I feel like eating a yellow chicky Peep could get me in an “Easter mood” more than watching “The Passion of the Christ.”


Why? Because I hope and pray that my Christian walk is not just about a mood or a season that I serve Christ. Churches are packed on Easter because so many people realize that since they say they’re Christians, they’d better at least make it to church once a year.

If Christ died for me, I don’t think it’s enough to give Him my love on Easter, or to simply commemomrate His sacrifice on this Good Friday.  It must be a daily walk — not an “Easter mood.” A lot of times, I don’t FEEL like serving Christ. And a lot of times, I don’t. I spend all day thinking about myself, where I will eat dinner, what kind of shirt I will buy, etc. I serve myself.

But when I put myself on the Cross, die to my own desires, and let Him live through me, I celebrate Easter every day.

“For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21


One response to “The “Easter mood”

  1. OOhh, look at the big kid writing don’t you feel special now? lol, I kid, I kid…I’m having a kid…oh wow…I need to stop *boredom today is KILLING me* ach..anyway, muches of love from Tanabelle, enjoy your VACAY 😮

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