I’m a tiny speck on the globe…

Sometimes we get so trapped in our American, happy-go-lucky, gas-guzzling, Facebook-checking, channel surfing lives that we forget what’s beyond the borders of our nation.

I miss going on missions trips every summer. I was so blessed to go on trips every summer from the time I was 14-20. Then I moved to the Philippines for six months in 2005-2006, and my eyes were opened even wider. I questioned if God wanted me to stay longer. While I know I made an impact there, I realized that the greatest impact I could have on the Kingdom of God — at least in the Philippines — was to give financially. So here I am, working a normal job, enjoying American life, but trying to keep a fresh global perspective.

How do we take our eyes off of ourselves long enough to make an impact in the world, even if we can’t travel to other countries right now?

There are small ways and big ways to do this, I think. I like to look at pictures from around the world on a weekly basis. It humbles me and reminds me how small I am, how seemingly insignificant I am in comparison to all that is going on worldwide. Pictures like this one, of a mother bathing her daughter in sewage in the Philippines, rattle my cage.

sewage in Philippines
Washington Post World Slideshow

Sponsoring a child in another country is an incredible way to make a global impact. I’ve been sponsoring a little girl, Eridania, in the Dominican Republic, for about a year now. It does take sacrifices in my life to be able to sponsor her. But cutting back on a few Frappuchinos a month is well worth it! I got to meet her last summer, and seeing her beautiful, smiling face was worth every dollar and more!Eridania and family

I’m also enrolled in a class right now that helps me keep a global worldview. It’s called the Perspectives course and it’s been offered at churches around the world for over 30 years. I’ve learned so many things through this class and would highly recommend it to anyone who is not satisfied with just living the “American Dream.”


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