My weekend of galloping on pink unicorns

OK, I didn’t really gallop on pink unicorns this weekend. I only trotted.

The theme of my entry today is fabrication.
Fabrication: nsomething fabricated, esp. an untruthful statement

I was reading an interesting book in Border’s yesterday called Hokey Pokey. It talked about how there are so few stories in our world today that are fully true.

You go to a movie, and even if it’s “based off a true story,” it’s probably so loosely based that it’s more fiction than fact. The movie I saw this weekend, Leatherheads,” (which was also a fabricated story) showed what happened when a young man allowed a war story to be fabricated. The young football star Carter Rutherford was made out by newspapers to be a great war hero and was highly decorated as such. The truth was, he fell asleep in the foxhole, his fellow soldiers left him there, and when the Germans took over the foxhole, he yelled out in German, “I surrender!”, causing all the Germans to surrender for fear of what was going on.

There are so few truths in our society. We think we have to make every story more exciting than it really is. When telling our coworkers about our weekends, we feel like we have to add a few extra “very’s” and “amazing’s” in there. We’re so Hollywood-spoon-fed that when we hear a genuinely great, true story, we overlook it, longing for an Indiana Jones action tale.

I believe God wants us to have amazing stories to tell, but it takes a certain degree of surrender. We have to be willing to get outside of our comfy living rooms and onto the streets, where there are hurting people who have rough stories. We have to be willing to use our stories to impact those who have stories that are a little less glamorous than ours. When we become more concerned about others’ stories than our own stories, God begins to write greater stories into the books of our lives than we could have ever written ourselves.


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