Why are red candies the best?

Forewarning: This blog entry has no hidden or deeper meaning.

One of my colleagues always has bags of candy at his desk, and he likes to eat the red candies out of the bag and save the yellow, orange or green for me. First it was gummy bears. Now it’s Sour Patch Kids. Though he swears that the Sour Patch Kids’ bag mysteriously came with a remarkably large number of yellow kids this time. Racist Sour Patch Kids’ makers.

But let’s all be real. The red candies of any mixed fruit candy bag (jelly beans, gummy bears, etc.) are always the best. Why is that? Is the Red Dye No. 5 especially tasty? Or do our tongues just like lime and lemon that much? And if that is the case, why doesn’t someone wise up and just make bags of red candies? That’s enough of tackling life’s difficult issues for today. Back to work.


2 responses to “Why are red candies the best?

  1. Ya! The red ones are the best!
    Grumbles… why are there always less than the other colors?

  2. Swedish Fish! The best red candy and you can buy a whole bag of them.

    I like your blog by the way. 🙂

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