Your platform

I’m listening to a podcast from Brian Houston, pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia. He’s talking about how each person has a platform — something that makes them stand out from others, something that gives them influence. A platform is a place you stand to present a message. What is your message? What are the gifts God has given you to make that message attractive to others?

What is your unique platform? Are you hilarious, causing a group of friends to crack up and forget about the worries of their week? Are you an amazing nurse, able to really hear the needs of your patients and give them the best care possible? Are you a business person who has sway with influential people?

We each need to develop our own God-given platforms. So many times we chase after other people’s platforms. I’ve been reading the book of Genesis recently and I am so amazed by the story of Joseph. His brothers noticed he was destined for more than just farming and they were jealous. Little did they know that when they sold him into slavery to some Egyptians, they were actually positioning him for his platform to become second in control in all of Egypt. And someday he would be used to keep their whole family alive when Israel was stripped by famine and came to Egypt for help.

What is your platform? Don’t compare it to the height or grandeur of others’ platforms; just live out who you were made to be to the best of your ability.


One response to “Your platform

  1. Nice post. I enjoyed the concept of a God-given platform. Thanks

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