Put down the coffee! Pick up the tea!

Yesterday my friend Attrice and I spent our lunch break being educated by Dr. Tea.

Mark Ukra, AKA Dr. Tea, is the co-owner of the Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium in West Hollywood. He used to drink 15 cups of coffee and, of course, lost a lot of weight when he switched to tea. But aside from helping decrease your glucose levels, tea has so many anti-oxidants that are good for you! And whereas coffee makes your appetite increase, tea leaves you feeling satisfied.

My visit to see Dr. Tea was a perfect start to my month-long Starbucks fast. I highly endorse Dr. Tea and his yummy tea flavors that we tried, like Orange Sherbet and Pina Colada. He put these teas into a blender with ice to make a delicious frosty drink!

On top of drinking tea, did you realize you can cook with teas? I bought Dr. Tea’s book, which has tons of recipes that incorporate teas into dishes like chicken pasta and even cakes. Yum!

And on top of that, tea can be used as a beauty treatment! You can actually rub leftover black tea leaves over your body for a tan! (I’ve never tried it, but Dr. Tea swears it works). You can store leftover tea leaves in a hole-filled plastic bag and rub it over your body in the tub for an exfoliant. Go tea!

Drink to your health! Drink tea!


One response to “Put down the coffee! Pick up the tea!

  1. Hooray for tea! I may have to link Rhema to this post…=)

    And guess what?

    You’ve been Positive Post Tuesday’d!

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