Of sex, lust and such

I never cease to be amazed at how much of an influence sex has on our culture. I walked into Victoria’s Secret today hoping to get cotton panties 5 for $19.50. After discovering that it’s not quite time for the semi-annual sale yet, I turned to leave. I have no reason to even look at sexy lingerie for now, so I try to flee the store as quickly as possible. A salesgirl in the typical black smock approached me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have believed she was a salesgirl if she weren’t wearing the smock. This African American girl looked no older than 14, looked to weigh about 95 lbs., and portrayed a smile of braces-filled teeth.

“Do you have any questions?” she asked me shyly.

“No, thank you.” That was my reply, but I felt like replying: “What are you doing working at Victoria’s Secret? You should be watching teeny bopper movies and talking on the phone with your girl friends. You shouldn’t have to think about lingerie or ways to seduce a man.”

Our culture is so confused; constantly mistaking lust for love until the definition of love is obscured beyond recognition.

I’ve been reading a book called When You Love Too Much by Stephen Arterburn. In it, he breaks down some distinctions between lust and love:

“Love is personal; lust is impersonal. Love is concrete, focused on a particular object; lust is unfocused, capable of fixing on almost any available object. Love tends toward faithfulness; lust is a wanderer. Love seeks stability; lust is short-lived and mercurial. Love is an affair of the mind and heart; lust is an affair of the emotions and the hormones. Love is a matter of giving; lust is a matter of taking.”

There is no easy path to overcoming lust. It is a daily choice to turn your eyes, mind and heart away from the temporary and onto something lasting. I truly believe from personal experience that the only way to overcome lust is to seek love from the source of Eternal Love — to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. As we learn to do that, the temporary pleasures of this earth will slowly fade away, and He will teach us how to love our significant other romantically in a true, lasting sense.


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