Night at the comedy club with Anjelah Johnson

Last night, my friends, Jerry, Annie and I were passing a local Improv club and I noticed the “Now Playing” marquee read: “Anjelah Johnson.” I had seen Anjelah’s nail salon bit on YouTube, and without hesitation, I basically shrieked, “Guys, we should see if they have any tickets left for her!”

Though the show was supposed to be sold out, the club just happened to have exactly 3 seats open. We grabbed our seats just as Anjelah was taking her seat. About a quarter of the way into her shtick, I turned to Jerry and said, “I wonder if she’s a Christian. She’s totally different from most comedians.”

Instead of her humor leaving her audience feeling a little nasty and naughty for having laughed at the jokes, it left us feeling like we were kids again — a pure, silly humor. She never once cursed or used any humor that was remotely vulgar. One of my favorite routines was actually her bit on “church folks.” She joked how sometimes people at church like to disguise gossip for prayer requests:

(Anjelah in a valley girl voice) “Jesus, we pray for Julie, who just found out she’s pregnant. We just believe that you are Almighty God and you are able to reveal to her who the father is.”

Anjelah just joined the cast of MADTv this season, where she’s become most famous for her Bon Qui Qui sketch. “Security! Security!”

Anjelah is doing what I wish more Christian artists did more (something I wish I did more): Use their gifts and talents to the max in the secular world to bring more goodness and purity to a very dirty, messed up world. If you want to read more about using your talents to impact the world, I highly recommend the books Roaring Lambs and Eyes Wide Open.

I also encourage you to support artists like Anjelah who are making such a positive impact on the world by counteracting the negativity of some art. Check out Anjelah’s MySpace page here.


One response to “Night at the comedy club with Anjelah Johnson

  1. I totally agree! She has so much talent and is awesome. I hope her much success.

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