In king’s palaces and pauper’s dens

“A lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.” Proverbs 30:28

My friend Annie and I were talking about this verse the other night and I started thinking about our friend the lizard.

It’s true — these little guys can be found everywhere! I had a little lizard scurrying about my apartment when I lived in the Philippines. This was a run-down one bedroom shanty below a chocolate factory. And while lizards are found hanging out in the slums, they’re also (or at least in Bible days, they were) found in king’s palaces. So they’re seen with both paupers and princes.

I feel like I’m becoming a little lizard. I love being in high society. I’ve spent the last three days at a conference for oil executives, eating steak for every meal. One of the meals was served with five different types of wine, one for each course. I love been treated like a queen, but I’m also perfectly content hanging out with “lower class” people. Last night, after wining and dining with the oil tycoons, I headed over to the Depelchin Children’s Center here in Houston, where I got to play with foster children. Playing Connect Four with little 7-year-old Joshua was actually the highlight of my week.

I’m learning that people are people, and whether or not they have money, they all have hearts. They all need relationships and love. Keep your heart open to what palaces or dens God wants to place you in.


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