Take time to blink

Have you ever driven down the highway going 20 mph? Well, it happens quite regularly in Houston. I’ll be traveling on a highway that I can normally drive 65 mph on, but due to traffic, I’m forced to crawl along. The one benefit of going so slowly on the highway is that I notice things I would have never noticed before — the typos on billboards, the guy next to me picking his nose, the little shapes forming in the clouds.

Our highway of life needs a traffic jam sometimes. We’re so used to going 100 mph in our daily lives, and we need a day every once in a while where we can dramatically slow down and notice what is going on around us.

Today was one of those “traffic jam” days. My company told all its employees to work at home in case Hurricane Eduoard turned out to be a beast. Fortunately, Eduoard was about as dangerous as burning a piece of toast. Regardless, working from home was exactly the break I needed this week. My life has been going so fast recently — people coming into my life and people going out, barely being able to blink at work, literally running 20 miles/week, church volunteer work, etc. Now, I know about rest and that I shouldn’t “burn the candle at both ends” (that’s a Sue Goodier quote; thanks, Mom), but there are going to be times that are hectic. And this is one of them.

But today has been beautiful.

I had time to make a breakfast casserole and chocolate chip cookies (not devoured at the same time). I cleaned out my sock drawer (last time I did that was circa 1995). I watched two girly movies (“Beauty Shop” and “13 Going On 30,” if you must know. Oh, and I did do my mandatory work from home. But I had an awesome “hurricane watch day.”

Sometimes we have to force these days to slow down. I’ve been scheduling one Sunday a month to spend completely alone with God and refuel. If I don’t schedule it, I know it won’t happen. We can’t live our lives going full force all the time. We have to take time and notice the world around us.


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