Yes, I’m training for a marathon. And I’m not insane.

I’ve been watching the Olympics the last few days and have inevitably felt inspired. Watching Michael Phelps win his third gold medal in this Olympics alone tonight made me think, “How the heck does he do it?”

Strenuous training is the answer. The dude spends at least five hours every day in the pool, and as a result of burning so many calories, his trainers tell him he should eat 7,000-10,000 calories/day. So he swims, eats and sleeps.

I am starting to feel like a bit of an athlete, at least on Saturdays. For the last month, I’ve been training for the Houston Marathon, which is in January. I decided that I needed a physical goal to train for, since I usually just maintain the same weight instead of working towards a more peak physical condition. On top of that, this is probably the only time in my life when I’ll have time to train nearly every day and when I have the motivation.

So each Saturday, I wake up at 5 a.m., meet my running group at Memorial Park at 5:45, and we run about 8 miles now. I know it sounds like hell, but my philosophy is the moment it becomes hell is the moment I should find a different physical goal. Yes, there are moments in my long runs when I want to puke or pass out or just walk, but overall, I love running. I always have, and I hope that I will continue to enjoy it as long as God puts breath in my lungs and makes my legs able.

So even though I’m no Michael Phelps, I’m working toward a goal and it feels so good.


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