Bust out the fine china

I am now living in a house all by myself. A three-bedroom, wood-floored, quaint little house. While I may be getting a roommate or two soon, the departure of my former roommate has caused me to realize how inadequate I am at living alone. I have so few possessions that a typical person should have. I own about seven pieces of silverware total. I have no tools whatsoever. I have one pot and one pan, and they suffice.

Over the last few years, I have attended bridal shower after bridal shower and I have undoubtedly purchased many more items for other people’s kitchens than I have for my own. I have never really thought about this until recently. I had always just assumed that I would never need to purchase kitchen or household items — that the magic fairy called a bridal shower would provide me with all those things. After all, that’s how it happened with my sister and most of my closest friends.

But I can’t wait for a bridal shower to bring me everything I need.

It makes me sad when I see a single woman who lives in disarray or with next to nothing. I know finances do not allow many single women to buy nice furniture or such, but if we have the means, by golly, we should throw ourselves a bachelorette shower! Just because I do not have a man to cook for or to keep a tidy house for does not mean I should hold back in making my life and possessions the best they can be now. I’m not saying that we should spend our money frivolously, but I think we should carefully budget, buy simple, but nice items, and take pride in what God has provided.

In the book Lady in Waiting, Debby Jones and Jackie Kendall share the story of a woman named Donna who remained single ten years past her college graduation. When one of her friends asked her what helped her be so satisfied as a single woman, she replied, “A full place setting.” For years, she had eaten her meals on paper plates while her good china was stored away, hibernating until Donna was married. But finally she realized that she did not have to wait for a mate to bring beauty to her private world.

It’s time to break out the china. It’s time to make a full-course meal just to enjoy the fact that God gave you the ability to cook. It’s time to enjoy life, whatever season we are in.


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