Palin…For President?!

She’s been the talk of America for the last week. For once, Hillary Clinton is not the first lady of politics. Enter Sarah Palin — a seemingly nice, but straight-shooting, little-known lady from Alaska. Palin has been like a fireworks stand in the last week — she was silently waiting for the right season, and now she’s exploding.

“What do you think about McCain’s VP choice?” I have heard this question at least a dozen times in the last week.

While I am fairly politically moderate, I would say Palin has helped sway my vote towards McCain. McCain’s choice of Palin as No. 2 is clever — throwing the Obama factor back in Obama’s face by choosing someone who is young, not well-known and extremely likable. Palin is so likable, in fact, that she won Miss Congeniality at the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984.

Will she draw votes for McCain? Yes and no. There are plenty of women who will vote for her because of her genuine, down-to-earth, “I’m-the-mother-of-five-kids” factor. But then again, her lack of experience will deflect some potential Republican votes. But let’s be realistic: Would you rather vote for a President who has little experience, or vote for a President who has plenty of experience with a VP who has little experience?

I like her. Honestly, I would vote for Sarah Palin for President if she were running, especially in this helter-skelter election. She’s Bible-believing. Being Governor of Alaska, she knows energy, which is such an important issue in this election. She’s anti-abortion. Sure, her daughter is pregnant, but at least she’s not getting an abortion.

So I boldly declare, Palin for President, not VP!


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