Weights that so easily entangle us

I just finished watching the movie “The Devil’s Advocate.” This film is such a great depiction of the way Satan works — sneaking into our lives with a friendly veneer, usually telling us exactly what we want to hear, but slowly leading us down a path that rots away at the core of our lives.

I’ve been thinking about sin a lot recently. Sin hardly ever wears a bright red shirt labeled “sin.” It sneaks up on us, becoming comfortable, so comfortable that usually we can’t recognize it as sin. And once we become comfortable with one sin, we move on to the next, and the next, each sin catapaulting into something worse and worse.

I grew up in such a bubble. I’m so thankful for the protective covering that was Tulsa, a Christian family, Christian school, etc. I didn’t have to go through the temptations that most teens face. In college, instead of dealing with wild parties and boyfriends, I was able to stay focused on God, school, friends and the school newspaper.

But it’s a whole new world now. I am finally coming to terms with the real world, and slowly learning how difficult it is to live for God in a world that is so sin-filled. How can I be a Christian and enjoy life? Am I destined to simply sit at home watching TBN all the time? I hope not. But should I be going out to clubs? Oy vay, so many questions. And honestly, I have very few answers right now.

I just want to catch the sins before they entangle my life, before they sneak up behind me with no warning.


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