Yesterday some friends and I walked along Galveston Beach and enjoyed the fresh seabreeze and waves crashing onto our feet. Other than the fact that the sand is no longer fluffy and soft thanks to Hurricane Ike, the beach is almost back to normal.

However, “normal life” still seems a long ways off for most Galveston residents. Many residents have been displaced to suburbs of Galveston, feeling like nomads, wondering how much insurance will cover the damages done to their homes.

As we were walking along the beach, we stopped to read the meaning behind one of the statues along the Seawall. The statue, of a man with one arm lifted toward heaven, and the other embracing his wife and child, is a memorial to the thousands of people who lost their lives in 1900 to a terrible hurricane that destroyed Galveston.

Thank God for redemption. Thank God that communities are rebuilt. Thank God that Ike was not as bad as the forecasters projected, saying it could be like the 1900 hurricane. Thank God that even though the damage is terrible and most of us can’t imagine the hurt that those who have lost their homes are going through, there is redemption. God does not leave us alone.

And personally, He has redeemed me through this storm. He has reminded me of what is most important in life and perhaps refocused my vision a little more off myself. The storm has toppled the shaky structures in my life and caused the stable structures to become even stronger. Thank You, Lord, for redemption.


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