Cool Web Sites With Some Free Stuff

While we’re young, we may as well save money but have cool stuff. I like to call it being cheap and savvy.

I’ve been listening to the Relevant podcast, and they’ve passed along some great web sites today.

First, if you live in a city like Denver, NYC, LA, you can see free movies by getting free movie screening passes at Sadly, Houston is not included in the list of cities. 😦

Do you ever do RedBox? I love that thing! Movies for $1! Sure, you can only have the movie for one day before you are charged another buck, but who needs the movie for more than one night anyway? And to make things even better, RedBox now offers free movie coupons at Sweet! Cheap and savvy!

Alas! This site is my favorite! It doesn’t lead you to free coffee, but it will save you money by sending you to indie coffee shops instead of Starbucks! Yay! No more $4/Frapucchinos! It’s called It hooks you up with local coffee shops in your area! YAY! Very savvy. Lindsay likey.

And although I don’t like Starbucks for their Hungry-Hippo; let’s-eat-all-the-little-coffee-shops-mentality, I do salute them for giving out free coffee today to voters. That’s right. If you haven’t received your free Starbucks, Krispe Kreme or Ben & Jerry’s today, hit them up — if you were a good little voter.

Go McCain/Palin!


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