Ode To Kelly A.

Today is the first day of the 28th year of our beloved Kelly, Ozarka saleswoman extraordinaire, fabulous friend, Jesus lovin’, donut-chompin’, Texas Tech-rootin’ KELLY! Happy Birthday, Kelly!

Kelly is the one who is so proud of her autographed copy of Oil and Gas Investor. Thanks for making me feel like my job is cool, Kelly!

The first time I met Kelly was in Hot Topic in the Galleria back in June. She and another friend were looking for clothes to wear to the Cure concert. They were picking out fishnet hose, black boots and other scary goth clothes that I hadn’t seen since I was about 15. Let’s just say that first impressions can sometimes be deceiving! As I came to discover, Kelly is not a goth rocker, though she does enjoy a good live concert.

She also enjoys a good concert on her iPhone. Much as Todo was Dorothy’s sidekick in the Wizard of Oz, Kelly’s iPhone is her little pal. She always has a new song to play on it, and she gains more zeal from taking pictures of randomness, from signs on the highway to people who are twins or who are dressed alike.

I knew Kelly and I would be true friends the day we were the “third and fourth wheels” during our friend Annie’s date with a man we like to call “SailBoat King.” We were invited to come along on the sailboat date, and the two of us ended up lying at the front of the boat, singing children’s church songs the whole time. Ah yes, the sound waves of Clear Lake were filled with such beautiful tunes as “Father Abraham” and “Arise And Shine And Give God The Glory.” ‘Twas the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Kelly, your joy an enthusiasm are contagious! You always help me remember to stay positive, and your randomness keeps me laughing all the time! Your relationship with Jesus is an inspiration. I wish you the best birthday ever!


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