Once Upon A Time There Was A Princess Named Annie

Yesterday was the birthday of my dear friend Annie.
annieAnnie is unlike anyone I have ever met. She reminds me of the princess in the movie Enchanted because she has such a childlike innocence, and she honestly seems like she is in a different realm than most people. What sets Annie apart from other people is that she has real faith. It’s a trusting faith in her Daddy God that He will give her the desires of her heart. Her faith has inspired me and so many other people to believe God for His best, and also to share our faith with others.

Annie and I like to tell people that we met on eHarmony because we get a kick out of the raised eyebrows we always see as a response. Actually, I met Drew on eHarmony, and Annie met Jerry on eHarmony. Then we met each other while on a double date at Outback and a Jeremy Camp concert. And the rest is history. We figured out that we both love Jesus and are crazy adventurous. So over the last 9 months of our friendship, we have had many adventures, such as…

*Riding horses in the middle of nowhere, Texas with her friend Jerrell.
*Me teaching Annie how to use the weights and elliptical at the gym. After a few minutes of weight training, she quickly informed me that she does not desire to have muscles.
*Annie coming to work with me at Hart as a temporary starting in September. What we didn’t know is that the temporary position would last indefinitely (she’s still here!). So now every day is filled with Annie/Lindsay fun!
*Annie waking up early one Saturday morning to take me to the Ten for Texas race in the Woodlands.
*Praying on the mattress in the extra bedroom(s) in my house.
*Going to see Anjelah Johnson’s comedy show and watching Bon Qui Qui over and over again afterwards.
*Annie being used to introduce me to so many of my friends in Houston — Kelly, Kyle, Tony, Bridget, and the list keeps getting longer by the day!

Annie, you have been used by God to bring so much joy into my life! I love the way you embrace every day and put people as top priority. You are such a servant, and I have so much love for you, my sister! Remember, you can do anything, because you rock!!! Happy birthday.


One response to “Once Upon A Time There Was A Princess Named Annie

  1. When I’m having a stressful day in business, I think of Annie, take a deep breath, exhale and smile – then I know I can climb the mountains in front of me..

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