What’s Going On?! Life Is Socially Packed Right Now!

I’m starting to feel like a regular socialite, only without all the fancy dresses and a rich husband. And if I were a true Houston socialite, I would be living in River Oaks, throwing holiday parties that include valet parking for my guests. Geez…there is valet parking everywhere in this city!

anjSo although I’m not rich and I’m perfectly content on a journalist’s salary, I am living it up socially! It is Christmas party season! And to kick off the parties, my favorite comedian, Anjelah Johnson, is coming back to town this weekend! That’s right! Only a few months after she wow’d me and my friends with her live renditions of Bon Qui Qui and the nail salon lady, she’s coming back to H-Town. So we’re planning on hitting that up on Sunday, and I might even buy a “You Have Boyfriend?” T-shirt this time.

Also this weekend, my KidsLife drama team is performing our big Christmas show! These kids are ridiculously talented. They put me to shame. If you want to see adorably talented kids singing, acting and dancing, come to any of the Lakewood services this weekend — KidsLife — not main service.

Last night I had a chance to attend a preview party for a new exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science called “The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story.” jewish
In addition to enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the museum decorated for Christmas along with a nice glass of Chardonnay, I relished the exhibit. It contains artifacts from BC that help us understand what life was like for Jews. One of my favorite items was an alabaster bath tub that weighs more than 1.5 tons! In addition, the exhibit features part of the prophetic Old Testament Book of Isaiah – one of the original Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran. You can also see fragments of pages from parts of the original New Testament. It was fascinating to look at pages that may have actually been written by John, Luke and Paul.

When we aren’t traipsing around museums, my friend Annie (birthday girl mentioned in earlier blog) and I have been helping our friend Tony Casela(from the band Deafening) get more gigs around town. Last night we listened to him perform at Berryhill Baha Grill and he rocked like usual. The only thing that didn’t rock was the drunk guys trying to hit on us.

While I haven’t been getting much sleep, I figure that I will never be in this fun, single season of life again, so I may as well live it up!


One response to “What’s Going On?! Life Is Socially Packed Right Now!

  1. I can’t believe I missed you last night! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the exhibit – hopefully, we’ll cross paths next time 🙂

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