Lindsay And Annie In Wonderland

On Monday, my friend Annie and I made our way to downtown Houston during our lunch break to visit our friend John, who recently decided to make his old job his new job. Does that make sense?

We wanted to visit John partially so he could give us the coveted tour of the downtown Houston tunnel system. I’d heard a lot about the 6-7 miles of underground tunnels filled with restaurants and shops, and I was anxious to see them for myself.

Shortly after we arrived at John’s building on Travis Street, he took us down a stairwell that somehow magically ended up in the tunnels. We immediately felt like we were Alice in Wonderland, and that John was the rabbit leading us around.alice_in_wonderland1 He led us through halls upon halls of gift shops, restaurants that don’t exist above ground (one that offers anything you could ever desire in a salad or wrap, and Starbucks after Starbucks (he said there are eight in the tunnels)!

We were so mesmerized by the tunnel experience! We found out that the tunnel system started out years ago as a tunnel between two downtown movie theaters, but today it connects 95 city blocks. Who knew all of that was going on underground? It’s like a little city beneath the big city!


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