Sailing Through Life

I’m spending my Christmas vacation in relaxing Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where my grandma, aunt and uncle live. It’s been a great reality check — reminding me that life is not all about the hub-bub of the big city life, helping me refocus on God, debrief 2008 and think about how I can make my life better in 2009.

Today was a great time of reflection when my Uncle Rick took my mom and I out on his sailboat. I look forward to coming here partially because I love sailing so much! Even at its fastest, a sailboat usually doesn’t go faster than 9 or 10 knots (12 or so MPH), so sailing is extremely relaxing experiencing. You just chill out as a couple tons of metal glide through water like a duck in a pond.

But today I didn’t chill as much as usual since my uncle decided I should be the captain. I steered the boat ever so carefully, afraid that the slightest move could send us topsy-turvy. At one point, we started heeling, which is when the boat leans in response to the wind’s force, and I almost started freaking out. I could imagine my mom being thrown into the chilly waters as a result of my poor sailing skills.

But my uncle told me I was doing a great job. And with sailing, he said, you really can’t go wrong. The ship is designed to continue floating even if it is nearly completely turned on its side.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he told me this and decided to enjoy the harsh winds instead of being threatened by them. And I thought about how God has really designed our lives to be like sailing. We may run into rough patches where we think we won’t be able to hold on, but by His grace, He has designed us to be able to survive. Not only to survive, but to become stronger after each storm and more prepared for the next strong wind.


One response to “Sailing Through Life

  1. Sailing sounds so nice right now. I’ve never done it, but the idea is awesome…. getting away from Oklahoma City and just hopping on a boat and sailing… It could be so peaceful.

    ~ Jennifer

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