What’s Your Resolution?

By now you should have come up with at least one or two New Year’s resolutions. I’m not really into resolutions, but I am a very goal-oriented person. Some of my goals for 2008 included giving 5% of my income to missions (which I’m pretty sure I succeeded at! YAY!), maintaining a certain weight (which I fell below that weight due to marathon training. Oops!), and saving $2,000 for a new car (which I did not succeed at due to nearly $2,000 of unexpected car repairs.

But I do have a couple silly and serious goals for 2009 already. I’ve noticed that in my life, prayer has not been as important recently as it used to be. When I lived in Edmond, I attended a prayer group through my church once a week, and as a result of prayers petitioned there, we saw God do miracles. I’m committing to pray more individually and to pray with my roommates and other friends more often.

Also, this is somewhat silly, but I’m committing to not spend any money on alcohol in 2009. Part of this resolution stems from my own frugality. I love a good wine or margarita, but they get pricey! And I’ve never had a drinking problem, but I shouldn’t find quite as much joy from alcohol as I do. I have enough fun without the liquor!

What’s your 2009 resolution/goal/commitment?


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