The Joy Of MUSIC! Go Leeland and Carolyn Arends!

I have been so refreshed this week at work by the music I’ve been listening to as I edit. And in case anyone hasn’t yet discovered the treasure of Imeem, this web site allows you to create free playlists of songs from almost any artist in the world. Many thanks to my buddy Stephen R. for introducing me to it! Yesterday, my playlist was Leeland.

I first heard about Leeland when they came to Lakewood a couple months ago and performed during service. Yes, the band’s name is Leeland, but so is their front man, bright redheaded Leeland Mooring. I love listening to their music! It is extremely uplifting and fresh. All the guys in the band are 19-24, but their lyrics are beyond their age, with great insights on life and loving God. My personal favorite so far is “Falling For You,” which is like a love song to God.

Today I rediscovered an old ’90s favorite — Carolyn Arends. Carolyn ArendsI honestly had no idea that this Canadian chica was still making music, but upon a visit to her web site, I discovered that she is! Her music is a little folksy and just downright happy! I was probably Carolyn’s biggest fan when I was 11. I remember in 6th grade, I forced five of my friends to sing one of her songs with me in a school Fine Arts competition. And I can remember falling asleep to her soothing song “There You Are” so many times when I was a timid, awkward middle schooler. Here are some of the beautiful lyrics to this breathtaking song:

I was hoping you would write to me a message in the stars
As if the stars themselves were not enough
And I awaited your arrival here from some place very far
As if I couldn’t feel your constant touch
Why did I think that you’d send thunder
To wake me from my slumber
When anytime I open up my eyes

There you are – loving me like crazy
There you are – though I am unaware
There you are – when my heart is doubting
Even there you are

What have you been listening to lately?


One response to “The Joy Of MUSIC! Go Leeland and Carolyn Arends!

  1. I use I assume it’s about the same thing, but I too love how you can find almost any song.

    Lately I’ve been addicted to two songs by Tahj Mowry …

    Remember the TV show “Smart Guy” ? It’s the little kid all grown up singing. If you don’t know him from that show… He’s the younger brother of Tia and Tamera Mowry that were on the show “Sister Sister” and Tahj was Michelle’s little friend Teddy on “Full House”

    Anyways he hasn’t released a CD yet, but there’s two R&B songs circulating the Internet. He’s got an unusual voice and a refreshing sound that I can’t get enough of

    If you’re curious the songs are “Won’t Let You Down” and “They Don’t Know.”

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