I Did It! 26.2 Miles!

Some of you are probably wondering if I’m dead because I haven’t blogged about the marathon yet. Yes, I survived! I ran 26.2 grueling miles in the Chevron Houston Marathon on Sunday. And grueling is really the most appropriate word. I did enjoy the first 16 miles or so, but especially by Mile 20, I was hurting. Running that long on pavement is not good news for your news, and mine were hurting.

Along the route, I had several marathon heroes:
Kyle, who cheered for me from start to finish.
Annie and Kelly, who got pink balloons and made a side that said, “You can do anything ‘cuz you rock!” Unfortunately, the balloons flew away into balloon heaven before I ran past them at Mile 17.
Coach Melissa, who ran with me from Mile 21-24. I was really hurting at that point, but she gave me tons of good advice and made sure I didn’t start walking!
Gladis, who cheered for me at Mile 25 even though I couldn’t hear her because I was jammin’ to my iPod.

As grueling as it was, the adrenaline rush I experienced for the last mile was great. For the last half-mile, you can see the huge inflatable finish line near the George R. Brown Convention Center, and the crowd gets progressively thicker. It’s such a great feeling to run through that crowd and feel the glory!

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers!


One response to “I Did It! 26.2 Miles!

  1. Yay!!!!! You’re not dead!!! 😀

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