My Sister, My Friend

Today is the birthday of someone who has been very special to me all 25 years of my life — my sister Amy. Just last night, I was feeling sorry for myself as I sat in the Reba McEntire concert at the Houston Rodeo and Reba sang, “My Sister, My Friend.” I sulked because I was sitting sisterless as my roommate was hugging her sister seated next to her.

“My Sister, My Friend”:

Do you think you could come and see me sometime soon
We could just hang out like we used to
It’s late and I should go
But I can’t hang up the phone
Until I tell you
What I don’t tell you enough
Even though at times it seemed
We were more like enemies
I’d do it all again
My sister my friend

I wouldn’t say Amy and I were ever really enemies. Being six years apart meant that she was always too cool to play with me when I was little and that I just annoyed her most of the time. I remember her 12th or 13th birthday party when she had a lot of her “cool friends” over, and I wouldn’t leave them alone. I wanted to hang out with the cool, older girls! We have pictures to prove it. Another case in point: Every day in elementary when I woke up to get ready for the school, she and Dana were hogging the bathroom trying to make their big ’80s hair even bigger in junior high and high school.

But we had so many good times growing up. To tease our mom about her side of the family’s large d’arrière, we would stuff our pants with pillows and put on plays mocking the “Deering bottom.” Amy tried pointlessly so many times to teach me cheerlearding moves. And the tickling! Ohhhh the tickling! She would tickle me to the point where I couldn’t breathe. Even after I screamed for our mom to come rescue me, Mom would simply say, “Now girls, be nice to each other,” and leave Amy to ravage me with tickles!

Since the time I got into college and six years of age seemed to not be such a great expanse of time, our friendship has only deepened. Happy Birthday, Amy. You are still the gentle, sweet, loving, fun person you have always been. I have learned so much from you throughout the years. Through hardships and happy times, you have been the best example a girl could ask for. I wish you the best birthday ever! -Lins


One response to “My Sister, My Friend

  1. Thanks sis for the AWESOME blog! I love you & I am so glad that God put you in my life as my sis! Have a blessed day!

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