Annie Preaches It Up At Second Baptist

annieLast night was a great night — I got to see my dear friend Annie Johnson share the testimony of how she came to know Jesus while she was in college. She spoke at Second Baptist’s TNT (Tuesday Night Thing). You can hear the whole testimony here.

Annie also shared about the importance of evangelism. I’ve known Annie for almost a year now and worked for her for seven months, and I am constantly amazed at how her life really is an offering poured out for God. She takes every opportunity to share her faith, invite someone to church, or befriend a stranger. Annie’s life is a great example that “He who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30

Scott Nichol

Scott Nichol

Also at TNT, Annie’s friend Scott Nichol of Scotland played and sang. You can hear his rendition of Bob Dillon’s “Pressing On” here. Scott has clever lyrics, a heart for God, and a great, energetic sound.

It was a truly wonderful evening — a reminder of how blessed we who are Christians are to have come to Christ, and that our purpose is to pour out His love on all those around us.


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