Making Christ ‘My Portion’

“I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.'” Lamentations 3:24

How often do I really say to myself — and mean it and believe it — that the Lord is my portion? We live in a society that is not driven to believe that anything or anyone is our “portion” — nothing fully satisfies, so we have to keep searching for more. Thought you were happy with your Razr phone a few years ago? Well, now you have to have an iPhone to be happy.

Thought MySpace was great? Facebook is so much better! And while you’re at it, you need a Twitter too. And make sure all of those programs are accessible through your handy iPhone!

We live in a society that is never satisfied. And that rings true in the area of relationships too. Especially we women tend to think that some man will sweep us off our feet and bring that Rhett Butler-type love. I do believe God intends us to marry and to have a happy marriage, but more importantly than that, He wants us to be captivated by His love.

Over the last few years, I will admit that I have been over-zealous about marriage. Having lived in Oklahoma my entire life until 18 months ago, I grew up thinking I would get married in my early 20’s just like every one else. Now almost 26, it doesn’t look like marriage is anywhere in the near future. But now, more than ever before, God is teaching me that He is my portion — that the love of a man or any other person will never satisfy me completely. And neither will success in a career or possession of any item or number of items.

As one of my favorite authors, Elisabeth Elliott, said, “Our hearts are lonely ’til they rest in Him.” The first step to making Christ our portion is thoroughly realizing that our hearts will never be satisfied in any other but Him.


One response to “Making Christ ‘My Portion’

  1. Amen ! Nicely written my friend !

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