Forgetting And Remembering

Over the last couple months, I’ve been doing a great 10-week Bible study by Beth Moore called “Believing God.” I have learned so much about faith and genuinely seen my faith expand in different areas. This week, the online Bible study focused on remembering and forgetting.

The problem with remembering and forgetting? I remember and forget the wrong things. I forget the happy memories from childhood and instead remember the times people hurt me.

After looking through several Scriptures on the topic of forgetting and remembering, I came to understand that the Biblical definition of the words is different than my limited understanding. Throughout the Old Testament, God says He “remembered” the Children of Israel. What?! How could God forget them? They were His chosen people! Why did it take an effort for God to remember them?

It didn’t. But when God remembers, He acts. He delivered them out of Egypt. He got them across the Red Sea. etc. etc. And when God remembers us, He acts.

We have to train our minds and hearts to do the same thing. Essentially, remembering = taking action, and forgetting = not taking action. For instance, a mother whose child was killed by a drunk driver will never be able to fully forget that horrible tragedy. But instead of acting on her pain by sending the driver hurtful letters, etc., the mother is choosing to forgive.

And sometimes, we have to choose, and try, to remember. The Psalmist communicated this concept:

“My soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember you from the land of the Jordan…” Psalm 42:6

When we are down, it’s usually because we are remembering the wrong things. We are focusing on what we’ve done wrong or what others have done to hurt us. Instead, we need to remember what God has done. We need to remember the times He’s filled us with joy, surrounded us with great people, provided our needs. Even if our circumstances are dire at the moment, remembering what God has brought us through in the past will help give us the faith that He who has always been good will continue to be forever faithful.


One response to “Forgetting And Remembering

  1. Good post I truly enjoyed the read and thanks for the encouragement to “Stay focused” on the good God has already done!
    Numbers 6:24~26

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