Miss California ‘Burning At The Stake’ Continues

I know I’m going to hear it for this one. It was announced Tuesday that Miss California can keep her title even after it was discovered that as a teen, she posed in her underwear.
Now, first off, I have to wonder if her title would even be in question for these underwear pics if it hadn’t been for the upheaval she caused at the Miss U.S.A. pageant, stating that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Would anyone even care to question her integrity and find the “dirty scoop” on her if she hadn’t said something that is so taboo in our culture? I doubt it. Does anyone even care if someone poses naked anymore? Hardly. Miley Cyrus even got away with that!

But now that the “scandalous underwear photos” of Carrie Prejean have been discovered, she will undoubtedly be labeled as a hypocrite by critics. People will say, “She thinks she’s holy enough to stand up against gay marriage, but she went around posing in her underwear!”

Seemingly related, the director for Miss California Pageant, Shanna Moakler, resigned yesterday. Her reason for leaving her post?

“Since the press conference yesterday, I had a chance to think about what has taken place, and I feel that at this time it is in my best interest to resign from the Miss California USA organization,” Moakler said in a statement to MTV News. “I cannot with a clear conscience move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth.”

It seems that Moakler can’t handle someone standing up for marriage between a man and a woman.

Let’s play a little reversal game for a moment. Let’s imagine that instead of Prejean having conservative views toward gay marriage, she stood up for gay marriage. When gay rights advocate Perez Hilton asked her the question about her views on gay marriage, let’s imagine she had said, “I believe gay marriage should be legalized in every state! In fact, I’m gay and I plan on marrying my lesbian lover next week!”

And let’s imagine that Moakler was the one with conservative views toward gay marriage and decided to leave her position because she was upset that Miss California was blatantly for gay marriage and could keep her title despite being a lesbian and standing up for legalizing gay marriage.

If that were the case, Prejean would be a hero! She would become a moniker of lesbian heroism for all of the U.S. And Moakler would be looked down upon for not supporting Miss California’s courage to support gay marriage.

I started this entry with, “I know I’m going to hear it for this one.” Gay marriage is the most controversial topic in the world right now, in my opinion. And I don’t support it.

I have many gay friends and I think they’re fantastic people. But gay marriage is simply against my beliefs. I believe the Bible is complete truth, and the Bible specifies that marriage is intended to be between a man and a woman. I enjoy hanging out with my gay friends and I respect them immensely. But if they ask me what I think about gay marriage, I will tell them. But just because we don’t see eye-to-eye on something doesn’t mean I think less highly of he or she as a person.

If we aren’t entitled to all have our beliefs and have those beliefs respected in America, then our country isn’t free anymore. I will respect anyone’s opinion on any matter, including gay marriage. I will hear you out. If Carrie Prejean would have spoken in favor of gay marriage, I would have listened to her opinion and respected it. But because she spoke out against something that is so controversial right now, she is metaphorically being burned at the stake.

When it all comes down to it, it’s not about speaking out against anyone. It’s just knowing what you believe, and choosing to love and respect those who believe differently than you do.


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