Coffee Break Spanish Works For Me!

It’s been a couple years since I listened to a Coffee Break Spanish podcast and I forgot how great they are! Mark Pentleton teaches Kara Nisbet Spanish, both the European Spanish and Latin American pronunciations. Mark and Kara are Scottish, so just hearing them speak English is adorable! I love Scottish accents!

Their grammar lessons are a bit difficult to pick up on (at least for me, I need to visualize grammar in order to grasp it), but the vocabulary lessons are great! More language lessons need to be audio-based, in my opinion. And Coffee Break Spanish is great because you can do it anywhere — in your car, at home, while you’re running, while you’re at the washateria…


One response to “Coffee Break Spanish Works For Me!

  1. Yes I thought they were Scottish but not sure…I am on lesson 3. Hope to get through the whole course.

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