Love the new ‘Night At The Museum!’

Kelly, Tim and I headed to the Memorial City theater Saturday night and laughed our heads off while watching “Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian.”

I love almost every movie Ben Stiller is in, and I find it highly amusing that he almost always acts alongside Owen Wilson and Hank Azaria. To make the cast even better, Amy Adams (from one of my favorites, “Enchanted”) plays the moxacious Amelia Earhart. One of the highlights of the movie for me was the 1900’s lingo that Amelia Earhart delivered — “Looks like we’re jimmyjacked!” and such comical phrases that you only hear uttered from the lips of great-grandmothers.

The film is a great example of a movie made for both kids and adults. Kids will laugh and learn through all the historical characters, and adults will love the humor and inside jokes that comedians Stiller, Wilson, and Azaria develop.

Go see it! You will leave the theater feeling happier!


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