The Treacherous Christmas Eve Adventures of Devon and Lindsay

After an enjoyable time at Church on the Move’s “Celebrate With Family” service, Devon and I started heading toward Claremore at about 5:30 Thursday afternoon. Little did we know the journey would take us two and a half hours!

Our drive was greeted by our first experience with an Oklahoma blizzard! Yes, apparently blizzards do exist in Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. Driving conditions were so terrible that Devon could barely see a few feet in front of him — “white out” as the meteorologists like to say.

We stopped at the Reasor’s in Catoosa to grab an ice scraper and a few other items, and as we were pulling out, the car got stuck in the middle of the highway! Fortunately, a kind lady wearing a Christmas sweater (but no coat) stopped to help us (…Mrs. Claus?);-) We wound up breaking her bunjee cord, rope, and jumper cables trying to pull the car out. And silly me! Without thinking, I wore leather slides out in the snow, so my heels felt like they were frostbitten from trying to push the car out of the snow. After I finally got back in the car, I started “crying uncontrollably” (according to Devon) because I was so cold.

The crying ended as I regained warmth and feeling in my heels, and we continued the treacherous journey over the Port of Catoosa bridge, past the House of Nuts and the QT. Even though Devon can scarcely see the road, he was doing a fantastic job maneuvering the small car. That is, until his bladder took over. He pulled over on a road that was not very hidden and sought deliverance. Even two days later, I am still praying that he is able to give me babies after the chilling experience. Brrrr! 🙂

When he got back in the car after creating yellow snow, the car was stuck yet again! (Thank you, Devon’s bladder!) Lucky for us, a Good Samaritan stopped to help push the car out onto the main road.

The rest of the way to the Morris home, Devon and I were praying non-stop. We felt a bit like our missionary friends Vincent and Delia Padupad in the Philippines, who daily face life-challenging circumstances, but who won’t ever let the devil pull them down. We sang plenty of worship songs and prayed in the Spirit until we safely arrived in the neighborhood.

Sadly, the Volvo got stuck in the neighbor’s yard as we were trying to pull in the driveway. But we were just thankful to be safe and sound. The Team Devon and Lindsay love has grown even more through this Christmas Eve adventure!


One response to “The Treacherous Christmas Eve Adventures of Devon and Lindsay

  1. Haha, this is great! That was an insane day. Thanks for sharing some entertainment on this cold day!

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