High Schoolers Say The Darndest Things

Well, it’s finals week, and one of my English students, Felipe, made my day today without even realizing. And it all started with the “f” word, oddly enough.

After my 2nd period finished their finals today, I heard Felipe say, “What the f&*@?” to another student. Now, at least at my school, we are not supposed to give them an official punishment for cursing unless it’s directed toward us. However, my students know that I do not allow that kind of language in my classroom. I always try to verbally reprimand them if I hear “big” curse words, because I don’t believe that kind of language should be accepted in the business world, where I hope they’re headed.

“Felipe, come up here,” I told him. “Do you know why I don’t allow that kind of language in my classroom?”

“Because you’re a Christian?” was his reply.

I paused and a smile filled my soul. Even though I don’t blatantly tell the students I’m a Christian, they know it. And apparently they equate my high standards with my faith in God.

“Well, yes, but I also don’t allow that kind of language because when you get into the workplace, that language is not acceptable.”

That was the end of our conversation, but his comment left my soul happy. Even if my students don’t always appreciate my standards, they know that in Miss Goodier’s class, there are high expectations — not because I’m anything special, but because of the God I serve.


One response to “High Schoolers Say The Darndest Things

  1. intéressant! J’espère que ca aide la plupart d’élèves à évider le mot “f”!

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