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How Does A Christian Date Righteously?

This past Sunday, I had the joy of hearing my former pastor in Tulsa, Willie George (a.k.a. Gospel Bill). He spoke on a topic that all of us need to hear (yes, even engaged people!)– how to date righteously! It was probably the best message I’ve ever heard about dating, so I felt compelled to post the notes. Please take time to read and process them!

Church on the Move
– 1/17/10
Willie George

“How Does a Christian Date Righteously?”

There are 2 dangers in singeleness:
1. Independence
2. Interdependence – when you can’t function without being in a relationship

Before getting into a relationship, you need to consider:
1. How is your relationship with Christ?
2. Where do your values (yours and his/hers) come from?
3. Are you sensitive to the counsel of Godly friends?

-Marriage is primarily about holiness, not happiness. (Colossians 2:10)

16 Christian dating principles:
1. Maximize your singleness for God.
2. Don’t pursue a serious relationship until you’re ready to get married.
3. Be reasonable in your expectations.
4. Don’t be legalistic about dating. –Don’t quibble about words like “date,” “courtship,” etc.
5. Don’t have a romantic relationship with an unbeliever.
6. Only be in a relationship with 1 person at a time.
7. He should initiate; she should respond.
8. Look at who God puts in front of you!
9. Use technology wisely! (internet dating, etc.)
10. Invest in a romantic relationship only with someone you’re entirely attracted to.
11. Only date someone who agrees with you on the major theological issues.
12. Guard your heart. Don’t commit quickly.
13. Be careful of legalism (not letting people in on a 1-on-1 basis) and libertanism (thinking every relationship will lead to courtship).
14. Marry someone who will be a good fit for every season of life you are in.
15. Pursue only someone you genuinely love.
16. Do not have sexual contact until you’re married.


Signs that a guy is going to hit on you

Ladies, let’s be real. We are nice to look at. Men cannot get enough of us. And the bold, the daring, yet sometimes far from debonair men are going to hit on us.

I’ve encountered a few of these “gentlemen” since moving to Houston. As I entered the post office yesterday, I realized I was about to stand in line behind one of these “I’m about to hit on you” guys. How did I know he was about to hit on me?

Here are a few telltale signs that a guy is about to hit on you:

1. The “I’m going to hit on you” guy is usually wearing some Louis Vuitton knockoff clothing and sunglasses.
2. The “I’m going to hit on you” guy gives away his intentions through his body language. He looks at you with one of two tactics. 1) If he’s all out clueless about women or just plain disrespectful, he’ll give you the full head-to-toe lookover. 2) If he does have a bit of a clue, he just stares deeply into your eyes until you stare back.
3. The “I’m going to hit on you” guy (at least in Houston) is almost always foreign.

So Abraham the Lebanese guy took the friendly approach at first. He struck up small talk about how long the line was, how hot it was outside, etc. But when it was time for him to make his move, he didn’t hesitate. I pointed out how pretty the new Virgin Islands stamps are, and he replied suavely, “Baby, you stick with me long enough, and I’ll take you there.”

Abraham, it is flattering to be hit on, and I’m sure someday you would take me to the Virgin Islands if I stuck around long enough (though I ran out of the post office as quickly as possible), but intelligence and good old fashioned chivalry are so much more attractive than flippant words and the knowledge that your eyes are traveling all over my body!